Savage Axis .270 Review

The Savage Axis .270 caught my eye because of the price, sleek design, and function of the Axis. The Axis I picked up was the synthetic stainless steal Savage Axis, but there are a number of other options; including calibers and stocks.


Shooting the Axis .270 was about as smooth as anyone could hope for. The fact that the Axis only weighs 6.5 lbs helps with carrying the rifle around and stabilizing it for shooting & aiming.  The recoil on the gun is what one should expect from a .270 and if you are unsure of what a .270 recoil is like, it is between 30-06 and a .243. There is a decent rubber shoulder butt-plate to absorb most of the recoil and it does a decent job.  So in plain English, the recoil of the Save Axis .270 is apparent but it’s not going to rock your world.

I prefer the .270 but the Axis is made in the following other calibers as well: 22-250 REM, 223 REM, 243 WIN, 25-06 REM, 270 WIN, 30-06 SPFLD, 308 WIN, 7MM-08 REM

Trigger Pull

The Axis has a pretty heavy trigger pull and sadly does not come with the Savage Arms Accu Trigger. Your accuracy can be affected by having a heavy trigger pull, but don’t fear finding a tutorial on how to lighten the Axis’s trigger pull; it’s only a click away! While there is no “quick” or “easy” swap to an accu trigger for the Axis platform, one can be modified and custom fit for the Axis.


The Axis is impressively solid for a gun in the $300 price range. The bolt has no play and cycles better than its Remington competitors that I have held and cycled. While I have not run this gun through the roughness and seasons of hunting, the Axis appears to be holding up well with most of the shooting done on the range. I put a Bushnell scope on the Axis and sighted it in. I plan on doing a separate review on that scope and in that review I will note some more experiences on the Axis.


Overall, I would have to highly recommend this rifle to anyone that is looking for a budget rifle. Frankly this rifle gives the high dollar rifles a run for their money. While it doesn’t have a lot of the “bells & whistles” the high dollar rifles come with, it shoots great and you can send rounds down range reliably. As always if you have any other questions about the Savage Axis that we did not cover feel free to leave a comment or email us.

Also we gladly accept criticism!
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Savage Axis w/ Open Bolt and Magazine
Savage Axis w/ Open Bolt and Magazine
Caliber: .270
Sights: None/Drilled and tapped for scope mounts
Length: 43.875″ Overall /22″ Barrel
Weight: 6.5 lbs
Capacity: 4+1 Rounds
Stock: Synthetic
Receiver: Stainless Steal
MSRP: $375


The Savage Axis .270 caught my eye because of the price, sleek design, and function of the Axis. The Axis I picked up was…
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  • lyle

    does the axis come in left handed

    • Michael

      Yes, all axis models have left handed configurations.

  • Bob

    Great review !

    And it’s about a gun that is affordable for most shooters. So often I see reviews about firearms that cost thousands of dollars, so I usually let them go unread. Why waste my time, most of my money goes to ammo.

  • Keith

    Great review Michael, I just purchased the same rifle in xp version with bushnell scope for 409.00 at Fleet Farm. Removed scope and installed on my old .22. coincidentally bought same scope as you, Bushnell Trophy in silver and love it. Looked real hard at silver Nikon Prostaff but couldn’t fork out that dough for a budget rifle. This rifle is amazing, I own a Rem 700 in 30 06 and browning .308. I will be using this rifle this year hunting whitetail in N.E. Wisc. Love this rifle, trigger pull is a little heavy but my son likes it better than the lighter pull on my other two rifles so no upgrades are getting done. Thanks again for the review

    • Just bought the savage 270 axis with scope and I just love it..didn’t even bore site it..after 12 rounds it was dead on at 100 yds..very flat shooting rifle but the trigger is heavy..trigger is my only complaint..I love it and highly recommend this rifle to any 1 looking to buy a new 1..I also have the 30-06 and that is a very accurate also..very happy customer!!

  • Augustine

    As a first time buyer of any hunting rifle, I am looking forward to firing my 270 Savage Axis. At same time Im wondering if I should have read Your reviews before I made My purchase. Oh well, will just have to break it in and have fun doing it. Have not decided on what scope to use but will consider any within budget. In meantime, happy trails and safe shooting

    • tom fortini

      you’ll take your share of game with this rifle – one of the all time great bargains in firearms.

  • tom fortini

    do you really think the buck you just dropped gives a crap if your rifle can shoot 1″ or .75 ” @ 100 yards or it has a cheap synthetic stock or a trick trigger? Gun snobs have turned more sportsman into bloviating blow holes than you can imagine. (including, and mainly “sports magazine writers”) The bottom line is a good quick kill, not bragging about how much money you have to blow on your weapon or trying to sound like E Hemingway.

  • Hank

    My family has Axis rifles in 223, 243, 270, and 7.08. The triggers were miserable but looked on YouTube for a way to lighten them up. It worked, all rifles now have 3.5 lb pull weight. Now they’re a joy to shoot and all get 1” groups or less at 100yds! So far they have taken Texas hogs, elk, buffalo, javelina, coyotes and jackrabbits. Nice rifles for the investment!