USPS Buying Small Arms Ammo

United States Post Office Shipping Center
United States Post Office Shipping Center

Does the USPS need small arms ammo? I can’t think of a valid reason why but they appear to be buying it according to the website.

Am I the only one who is scratching their head wondering what the United States Postal Service is doing buying small arms ammo at all? I’ve never seen my mail man armed with any type of weapon, not even an envelope opener.

So could someone, anyone, enlighten me as to why the USPS would be buying ammo. Other than to further advance federal government power and to dry up ammo supply.

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  • Depending on how much they are buying it could be Practice and Qualification ammo for the USPS Inspector Service.

    BTW the Postal Inspector service is the oldest Federal Law Enforcement service that there is. It just gets about ZERO publicity.

    Try doing a DuckDuckGo search on it. I don’t recommend Google to anyone as Google is Evil!

    • Michael

      I didn’t know that at all! Clearly it is one of the least known law enforcement agencies. Thanks so much for the info!