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With all of this talk about bans every other day from the media, we here at EpicTactical want to outline a few pistols that have the highest magazine capacity in their class. In case our readers are interested in purchasing a new handgun that will hold the optimal amount of rounds.

  • The Springfield XDM .9mm has a 19 round magazine and the .40 comes standard with a 16 round magazine.
  • The Ruger SR9 has a magazine capacity that is 17 rounds.
  • The FN FNP-45 comes with a 15 round magazine. (a .45 ACP packing 15 rounds!)
  • The Para Ordnance Super Hawg is a 1911 platform with a 10 round magazine.

These are just a few handguns that come standard with high capacity magazines and have the highest capacity compared to other pistols in their class. They’re all great handguns with prices ranging from $500-$1000. If a ban similar to the one during the 90s happens anytime soon, then magazines will be restricted to 10 rounds only.

The demand for high capacity firearms is unprecedented right now, so find a high cap handgun that best fits your needs and get your hands on it while you still can!

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My grandfather started a gun shop in North Carolina in 1989 as a hobby and since then it has grown into a lucrative business. I’ve worked at WT’s Guns and Indoor Range since middle school and I’ve learned a lot over the years, learning from mentors, shooting on the range and of course making a handful of mistakes along the way. I love the business and enjoy helping others find the gun that is right for them. I was the kid growing up who would take apart a 1911 without even knowing how to properly disassemble/reassemble it and I would teach myself, then do it over and over again until I got it right (lost a few springs along the way).

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  1. James Anderson

    Great article but you really should have included the Springfild Mil Spec
    Hi Cap the PW9701LP. Currently not in production but one fine piece.


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