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6 Epic Shooting and Survival Fails

With all of the content that gets uploaded to YouTube every day it’s no surprise that a few embarrassing videos make it to the web. These 6 epic fails go one step beyond everyday errors and into stupid, silly, and downright dangerous situations. Everybody in these videos lives to tell the tale, but most of them won’t ever want to.

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Straightforward Body Armor Test


On one hand, at least the bulletproof vest that this guy bought worked well. On the other, though, it’s a pretty stupid idea to test out your new body armor by having a friend put a slug in the middle of your chest. This is the sort of thing that you hear people joke about and just assume that nobody has ever been dumb enough to try, but it turns out that someone actually rose to the challenge.

Fuel Inefficiency


In case you were wondering whether or not it’s a great idea to kick off your bonfire with a couple gallons of gas, it isn’t. This is one of those videos that, as soon as the man climbs on top of the pile of wood and starts dumping out fuel, you know it’s not going to end well. To this guy’s credit it would have been an amazing bonfire.

DARE To Discharge

There’s not much you can say when a police officer shoots himself in the foot with his service weapon, and even if something springs to mind it’s probably not a good idea to bring it up. A whole classroom full of students on the receiving end of an anti-drug presentation get scared half to death and then manage to keep from laughing after this cop puts a round through his shoe.

Warming Up Some Ammo

Popular YouTube channel Demolition Ranch is mostly known for putting weird things into shotguns. Apparently they got bored firing spark plugs and magnesium out of a 12-gauge, because they decided to microwave some ammo.

Check out these two videos where the guys pop a live .50BMG round into a microwave, and then up the ante with a whole box of 12-gauge buckshot. Fortunately for them the results are pretty underwhelming, but you can’t help but appreciate the fact that they had no idea what would happen going into this.

Masking Tap

This guy managed to salvage a little bit of his dignity by wearing a mask, but he still manages to accidentally discharge a firearm in front of the camera. The thing that makes this video truly epic is that he doesn’t even negligently fire off a round on the gun that you’d expect. If nothing else, he deserves credit for managing to be stupid in a refreshing new way.

Anti-Personnel Rifle


You can always tell that a YouTube video is going to be worth watching when someone off-camera says “I don’t think we should be doing this.” Check out what happens when a man decides that he’s going to be the first person on YouTube to shoot a 20mm cannon from the hip. If you ever needed to see first-hand why these big guns are always mounted on hardpoints, you can thank one guy with a very sore thumb for putting experimentation way, way ahead of his pride and showing all of us.

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