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7 Epic Tannerite Explosions

The two-part high explosive mixture tannerite has been popular with shooters for a few years now. The reason it gets so much attention is that the mix is relatively stable, consisting of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powders that are combined before use. Once mixed, the explosive mixture won’t ignite even when burned, although it explodes dramatically when shot with a high-powered rifle.

These YouTube videos all feature shooters with a ton of tannerite, plenty of scrap metal, and epic amounts of destruction. From appliances and cars to houses and even Elmo, you won’t believe what people are blowing up in these 7 epic tannerite explosions.

[expand title=”Tactical Appliance Repair”]Tactical Appliance Repair

YouTuber unclebrady loads an old fridge with 4lbs of tannerite before taking a shot that sends the whole thing rocketing up into the air. It’s helped along by 3 gallons of gasoline, which is what caused the huge fireball when the round hit its target. We think there’s a pretty good chance that unclebrady won’t be asked to babysit anytime soon. [/expand]
[expand title=”Tuning Up A Geo Metro”]
Tuning Up A Geo Metro

M4Madness uses 100lbs of tannerite to dispose of an old Geo Metro. The little car has its rear end demolished, sending debris flying over the treetops, and completely obliterating its trunk and tires. Hopefully they remembered to send in the insurance check, because this car is totaled.
[expand title=”A Special Guest Appearance By Elmo”]
A Special Guest Appearance By Elmo

The guys at blacksuntactical tickled Elmo with tannerite, and didn’t leave much left to head home to Sesame Street. You’ve got to give them credit for the amount of trigger discipline they showed in this video, letting Elmo wiggle around a little before sending him sky high.
[expand title=”Landscaping With 350lbs”]
Landscaping With 350lbs

You won’t believe the raw power of 350lbs of high explosive tannerite. YouTuber GY6vids had to bury the charge in a hillside in order to contain the destruction. The huge charge blows dirt and debris everywhere, shaking the camera and causing a mushroom cloud.
[expand title=”Tannerite Tree Trimming Service”]
Tannerite Tree Trimming Service

YouTuber kaflemin19 recruited 2 friends and a couple of pounds of tannerite to help him take down a dying tree. Who knew that high-powered rifles did such a great job of pulling stumps? All told it took less than a second to turn a 12’ tree into about a million toothpicks, thanks to the power of tannerite.
[expand title=”100lbs vs. House”]
100lbs vs. House

Spoiler alert: The tannerite wins this one. Check out the way that these guys level an entire house with a single well-placed shot and 100lbs of high explosives. When the dust settles there’s nothing left but a hole in the ground, shingles everywhere, and an angry letter from the neighborhood association.
[expand title=”16lbs and Some Gasoline”]
16lbs and Some Gasoline

When you mix 16lbs of tannerite and 3 gallons of gas, what you get is one epic fireball. Jevexus kicked it all off with a single shot from his .308. The mix of gasoline and tannerite left a big, flaming crater in the ground that continued to burn well after the smoke cleared.

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