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7 Fierce Firefights Caught On Tape

See for yourself first-hand the sort of intense pressure and split-second decision making that our men and women fighting overseas endure every day. These intense firefights caught on camera put you in the shoes of American and allied soldiers fighting for their lives in Afghanistan.

WARNING: These videos feature graphic language and violence.

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Body Armor Saves Soldier’s Life

Watch as an American soldier picks his way down a hillside only to be engaged at long-range by opposition forces. He’s pinned down and even has the rifle shot out of his hand, disabling the M203 grenade launcher, until the video cuts off with bullets hitting the ground around him. Fortunately he makes it back home alive and unhurt, thanks to his helmet and body armor.

Marines Engage Taliban in Multiple Firefights

This video follows a Marine squad making their way through Afghanistan on patrol from a forward operating base. They engage Taliban and defend their base with a Mk-19 belt-fed automatic grenade launcher, and then fight on patrol again and again using their rifles, M203s, and machine guns.

Special Forces Swarm Bomb Makers

Three helicopters touch down and two squads of Special Forces soldiers ambush a group of Taliban bomb-makers in the desert. One enemy opens the trunk of a car and grabs for his weapon before being cut down by the American soldiers. You won’t believe how fast the scene goes from abandoned to swarming with operatives in this incredible video.

Multinational Force Destroys Taliban Patrol

A squad made up of SAS and Marines take on a Taliban patrol with a mixture of small arms and a small mortar. After getting the enemy on the run with their rifle and machinegun fire, the soldiers cut off any chance of retreat and batter the enemy position with mortar shells.

Heavy Air Support Ends Special Ops Firefight


A squad of Special Ops soldiers engages the enemy, trading fire until the air support arrives. They fire an AT-4 and various small arms at the enemy position, but when the bullets start ricocheting around the operatives it isn’t long until allied air support drops two JDAM guided missiles on the target.

Marines Engage Taliban Target with Javelin Missile

This Marine squad takes out a Taliban stronghold by deploying a shoulder-fired Javelin missile, leveling the building completely. Watch as they communicate with allied artillery to set up a devastating barrage, kicked off by a big Javelin fire and forget guided missile.

Canadian SAW Gunner Gets Into Close-Range Firefight

This incredible firefight starts off with an enemy RPG flying past just a few feet overhead. From there, we follow a Canadian SAW gunner as he engages multiple enemies at close and medium range, laying down suppressing fire and picking away at enemy positions.

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