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8 Improvised Weapons that will Probably Kill You

It’s the apocalypse, the zombies are all lined up outside of your house, and your favorite rifle is out of zero. What are you going to do? One word: Improvise.

Improvised weapons are a double edged sword — sometimes literally. Sure, most of them look cool, and some of them can do some real damage, but they’re hardly ever safe. Zip guns can explode in your hands. Flamethrowers can light you on fire. Hand grenades — well, hand grenades are going to explode anyway, but they might do it too soon. These 8 improvised weapons will probably kill you if you use them. But they all look cool.

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Flaming Sword

This project wins the award for Most Biblical, but it seems kind of unnecessary. Even if a sword isn’t on fire, when you poke someone with one they sure do die. Regardless, sometimes you just need to wield a big, flaming sword like some kind of righteous Angel. Just remember, nobody has ever seen an Angel covered with nasty burns, but it happens to people all of the time.

Incendiary Shuriken

If you’re going to make a weapon that blows up, maybe don’t make it one that you have to throw with your bare hands. This thing has no safety, is pressure sensitive, and explodes by design. It’s not something you want to pull back by your face and then throw. The zombies are going to get a good laugh if you end up uglier than them, thanks to your exploding ninja weapons.


PVC Shotgun


You read that right, someone made a shotgun out of PVC pipe. It’s not that unusual to see steel pipe shotguns, not that they’re that much safer mind you, but making a gun out of PVC seems like a uniquely bad idea. It turns out that it is.

Frag Grenades


Wow, is this ever a terrible idea. These frag grenades are awfully underpowered when you compare them to the military issued ones, but maybe that’s a good thing. After all, there is pretty much no quality control on the triggers when you build them yourself. This project seems like the perfect way to get “Stumpy” as a nickname.


Wrist-Mounted Flamethrower

Just because a standard flamethrower isn’t cool enough, this insane YouTuber built a wrist-mounted model. He’s so excited to be roleplaying as his favorite X-Man that he forgot one big rule: Don’t tempt fate when you’re working with pressurized gasoline.

Assuming you need a flamethrower anyway, which probably isn’t true, maybe just stick with the standard models. I’m not sure if fingers melt or burn, but this project looks like a good way to find out.

Zip Gun


Most people have seen zip guns before, but this build brings them into the world of full-auto slam-fire by design. If you’ve ever wondered whether or not it’s a good idea to build your own automatic weaponry, it probably isn’t. Still, it seems like a pretty fun project.

Until you realize that the primitive trigger and slam-fire-by-design build means that every time you pull the trigger you’re going to empty the clip, like it or not.


Pipe Bombs

Well, this is the big one. Obviously you don’t want to be making pipe bombs all day long in your spare time, but wouldn’t they make a good area effect weapon for the apocalypse? Well, no, and you’d probably die.

See, the thing about handling explosives is that you need experience. You have to know what will set off a spark, the best procedure to keep friction to a minimum during the build, and a million other things that come from working with bombs all the time. If you don’t have that, you’re just asking for trouble.


Laser Sword

Okay, you know what? Forget it, this one is cool. It doesn’t matter if you accidentally zap your eyes and go blind, you’ll have a laser sword. It’s not very practical unless you’re fighting balloons or pieces of paper but, aside from that, who doesn’t want a laser sword?


The point is, sometimes an improvised weapon isn’t actually better than having no weapon at all. Sometimes an improvised weapon is just a fancy way to take yourself out of the action. Stick with what you know, keep your barrel clean and your sights zeroed in, and maybe you won’t ever have to build one of these risky improvised weapons to fend off zombies.


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