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9/11: 15 Years Later

“From my location, I see heavy smoke from the front of the World Trade Center. Send just about anything you got to this location please.” –EMS City Wide 1 Radio Traffic on 9/11/2001

Today marks 15 years since the tragic terrorist attacks that struck New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC. Over 2,900 people were killed, including 71 LEO’s and 343 Fireman, and over 6,000 people were injured in this heinous attack on US Soil. No major attack like this had happend since the Bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941. Fast-forward 15 years later and some symptoms of the attack are lingering. Many civilians and first responders are now battling cancer due to exposure of the toxins of Ground Zero. I remember when this happened and many people can tell you where they were when the planes hit. Some will tell you they were at work, or on the way to work. Some will say they were in traffic. Some say they were sitting in school. Some will say they were at home with the children.

As a nation, we came together and really united behind finding these Terrorists and bring them to justice or having them meet their maker! Over the last 15 years, I have noticed that our patriotism has fallen slightly, and it seems we are more and more lenient towards these radical extremists, aka Terrorists. With all the Political Correctness that I have seen over the last few years, it is actually quite disturbing. Why is it that we have forgotten? Why have we forgotten when the towers fell? Why have we let these people die in vain? Why have we forgotten these people? Now, some people say that 9/11 was orchestrated by the United States Government and the Conspiracy Theorists out there can find items to support these claims (which I’ve seen some of these claims…WTC7?). But nonetheless, these deaths occurred and people’s lives were turned upside down.

Kids today that are entering into high school were not even alive when this tragic event happened. It is our duty as Americans to teach the younger generations what happened on this day. There are many events that are held all across the United States honoring First Responders and honoring the deaths of people involved including: Parades, Remembrance Ceremonies, Dinners, etc. But why does it take a tragic event like 9/11 to get people united? Why can’t we all unite and defeat all the evils that are happening in front of us now?

On this 15 year Anniversary of 9/11, take some time to reflect on the unsung heroes that run towards the danger. That runs towards the gun shots. That runs towards your loved one in danger. Thank your local policemen, thank your local firemen, and thank your local rescue squad members. These are the ones protecting you on the home-front, while the members of the armed forces are protecting our freedoms abroad! Take a moment and look over all the names of the people that were killed during this Terrorist Attack 15 years ago. Honor them by remembering them and making sure nothing like this will happen again. Say a prayer for their families. Keep them in your thoughts. Do not get complacent and forget this tragic event in our Nation’s history. Remember 9/11, so that history will not repeat itself. We are the ones that will have to continue to keep America the Greatest Nation in the World! Do not forget that!

God Bless You and God Bless the United States of America!

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