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9th Circuit Court: 2A Doesn’t Give Right to Carry Concealed

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals for the Eastern District of California has ruled that the second amendment does not protect the right to conceal carry in public places. This appeals case upholds the “may issue” states permitting policies that require applicants to provide “good cause” for needing to obtain a concealed carry permit.

You can read the ruling if you’d like but now many think this case will head to the Supreme Court. Which makes me think slow down those horses! Many of you are forgetting that the Supreme Court is no longer 2A friendly and that could really prove to be an issue for states that either issue concealed carry permits or allow constitutional carry.

If the supreme court says you must provide “good cause” for all concealed carry permits that may make it hard, which I’m sure a loophole would and should be found, for citizens to obtain their CHP’s.

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