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A Shooting Mat That Makes A Difference

A Shooting Mat That Makes A Difference

“Cerus Gear”

Are you one of the lazy ones? Come on admit it, after shooting on the range it was great to get home, grab that beer and think you’ll to get to the garage and clean that rifle. But oh hell, Dukes of Hazard is on and i’ll do it after a bit of Daisy Duke and TV right?

When that times come to getting around to it, you head to the garage and grab that liberal propaganda newspaper, spread it out and start breaking down that weapon. What if I said there was a better way to do it?  I’ll admit that I was one of those lazy ones with the list of honey do’s on the weekend, I just wanted quick and simple way to not get oil and cleaner all over the shop desk or better yet, the kitchen table.  

So how many of you are using a shooting mat?  We all know there is an abundance of shooting mats on the market, but if anything, we have all seen what China has been delivering to us, from cheap products, to the Covid Virus!  It’s time we wake up and purchase AMERICAN products that are 100% made in our country, which brings me to “Cerus Gear”.

Let me first add that there are great products being made in German, Belgium and other parts of the world and lord knows I love my CZ Bren 2.  But as an American and seeing what we’re going on at the moment of this review, I can’t stress enough the need to seriously reevaluate where we are purchasing our products and what is being brought into our Country.

In the past most of us have purchased a shooting mat from a gun show or online, the price was great, but the quality was less then desired and in my case it lasted less then a year. Additionally, it started to leak through after only a few months of clean my AR and that doesn’t make mamma happy if your doing it in the house.  Yes I shoot more then the average, but I knew there had to be a better mat out there that was extremely durable and of good value for the price.  

Having an opportunity to test and review “Cerus Gear”, I was concerned the review would be just an average one and the product just like the rest on the market.  However, was I ever surprised to receive something that made me want to get off my ass and out to the garage to clean my rifles.  

When we do reviews, I like to speak with the CEO’s or heads of the company to get to know them and their philosophy on the industry, 2A and more.  Speaking with Carrie (Co-Owner) was a breath of fresh air. The folks that own and run the company are shooters and have over 40 years of experience in the firearms industry.  She spoke about understanding the rich history of the shooting sports and how they strive to provide their customers with cutting edge quality, and customer friendly products. 


Carrie said “we are the shooters in the range lane next to you, the customer buying cases of 556 NATO behind you at the gun show and a proud supporter of the 2nd Amendment and NRA”.  So in essence they are US! I felt speaking with her that they are in fact common Americans who love weapons as much as we do and the home of the brave which we live.

One of the best things I liked was the “eye candy” they provide on their mats.  Complete rifle and pistol schematics, American Flag – Reaper ProMats, Rifle & Pistol Cartridge ProMats and more. Folks, it’s  ALL designed and printed in the USA.  Hallelujah!   

I’ve been using these mats for about 6 months and I have to say they are as good today as the moment they arrived.

They come in a variety of sizes for both pistol & rifle, 12″x36″ and popular  XXL Size 14”x48”.

Truly the best mats on the market today!

Cerus Gear – Notes:

•Lightweight, heavy duty cleaning mats are the perfect addition to your armorer’s bench.

•Non-slip textured rubber base protects your work surface

•Constructed of 1/8″ (3mm) vulcanized rubber with a soft heat bonded polyester protects your firearm from scratches.

•Dye sublimation printing won’t wear or rub off

• Solvent and oil resistant

•Lifetime Warranty

Carrie wants our readers to know, If you have great product ideas, need additional service, or just want to chat about the industry, we invite you to contact us.

They can be reached @ www.cerusgear.com

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