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Aero Precision acquires VG6 Precision?

On Thursday VG6 Precision announced that they would become part of the Aero Precision family.

This was somewhat hinted at a few months ago when Aero started to heavily promote VG6 muzzle brakes. However I’m not sure very many people outside the two companies knew it was in the works. Jayden was saying in recent dealer emails that someone else would be handling distribution in the future. However this sounds more like an acquisition rather than a distribution fulfillment company.

I for one am happy to see these two companies, of which I am a fan of, become one.

Effective immediately VG6 Precision has become a part of the Aero Precision family. We feel that this will benefit everyone, from the end-user to our dealers. VG6 Precision would like to thank you sincerely for your business and support of our brand. Aero Precision will be your new home for VG6 Precision products. Aero is uniquely capable of providing an easier and more enjoyable ordering experience and excellent customer support.

We do apologize for the inconvenience of switching your distribution channel, but we do have a lot we are excited about. Aero has long been a trusted name in the firearms industry for quality control and manufacturing expertise. We believe that this gives both end users and dealers the confidence that all of our products will be manufactured in accordance with the highest expectations that all of you demand from all Aero Precision products. While there will be no change in pricing for the moment you should expect far quicker lead times for your orders as well as excellent dealer and customer service that only Aero Precision can provide.

We graciously thank you all of you for believing and trusting in our products and we look forward to continuing to design and produce the very best devices on the market.

On behalf of everyone at VG6 Precision,

Jayden Jung

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