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Airlines start to ban flying with locked firearms.

Have you seen this? A recent story in “Just the news” was alarming to say the least. Crickets from the media on this as well. We know the Biden administration is pushing had to crack down on the firearms industry. Many law abiding Americans travel with their firearm, is this just another infringement on our 2nd amendment rights?

Citing the Capitol riots and inauguration for this sudden ban, although they say it is just temporary, sure like that temporary gas tax in California that was going to expire 5 years ago. Delta, Southwest, American and United have decided with very little to NO notice that locked and secured firearm that you hand over to the airline to secure in the luggage compartment are now a threat.

We at Epic Tactical hope this is not the future as we know many great firearms and tactical instructors that depend on the airlines for work. But again, so did the folks working the Keystone Pipeline who were just told to go find another job!

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