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ATF Coming after Home Based FFL’s

I’ve spoke with several people that work with various wholesalers who have changed or are changing their policies regarding home based Federal Firearm License (FFL) holders.

Some wholesalers are no longer shipping firearms to home based FFL’s effective June 21st 2016. This change steams from the ATF informing wholesalers they will no longer be issuing home based FFL’s. They stated current home based FFL’s will be allowed to renew but new ones will not be approved.

Email notice from RSR Group to home based FFL’s to contact their sales rep. Which advises them of the new policy.

UPDATE 6/2/16

Sales representatives with RSR Group have confirmed that after June 21st 2016 they will no longer be shipping firearms to home based FFL’s. According to RSR Group the ATF has informed them that they will no longer issue home based FFL’s and that if the home based FFL does not renew their license it will be terminated and they cannot get it back under their residence. However the ATF is allowing current home based FFL’s to renew their FFL’s at this time. No one knows if this will change in the future. We will keep you posted with the latest.

Lipsey’s is said to be adding a $30 charge for home based FFL holders shipping firearms to their home address. (unknown if it is per order or per firearm) This information has not be confirmed with Lipsey’s, however we have reached out to them and will update this post when we hear back.

UPDATE 6/3/16

Lipsey’s has confirmed that they are not adding any fees, thus punishing, to home based FFL’s and have no plans to stop supplying home based FFL’s.

Final Update

ATF confirmed that what RSR Group said was not true. It is our best guess that RSR or their Reps were simply trying to pass the blame for their ill conceived idea to stop selling to home-based FFL’s.

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