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Australia Gun Ban: “America, It can happen to you”

Here we sit in 2013 worrying, buying, hording as much and as many guns and ammo as we can get our hands on due to the looming threat of a firearm ban.

That is exactly what we, as Americans, should be doing because we have already had warning from our friends “down under” they have sent us a warning, long ago mind you, and we should listen.

Will when did Australia warn us of such, see below:

The quote that strikes me the most is “If you think you have rights the Government can take them away” and that is the truth.

We should be fighting any kind of ban and we should be expressing our distrust of criminals, who will be the only ones with firearms if Feinstein & Co. get their way.

Keep spreading the word and keep contacting your Representatives, after all they represent you.

Image Credit: GunSlot

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