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Beretta 92FS: Best Military Sidearm?

The Beretta 92FS has been serving as the US Military primary sidearm since 1985, and yet, I still do not own one.

Every time I talk to folks and I ask them about it, I get the same question, why don’t I have one yet?

And honestly, I don’t know why I don’t own one. It is a very iconic pistol.

When I was recently visiting my LGS, I noticed they had a used one for sale. I asked to see it. They did a safety check, and handed me this pistol. I must say, for a primary side arm, it is quite heavy. This full-size alloy frame pistol is weighing in at 2.08lbs, unloaded. Compared to the Sig Sauer P226, it is actually in line with the weight and magazine capacity, 15rds. I take a firm grip, and it felt really good in the hand. I pulled back on the side and it was very smooth for being a used pistol, it felt like a tool drawer on ball-bearings. I then pulled the pistol up, pointed it in a safe direction, looked at the sights and thought to myself, these sights could be better, they are quite small. But I squeezed the trigger in single action and I was impressed. I then squeezed the trigger again in double-action, and it was quite long and heavy, but smooth. I’ve had worst double-action pistols in the past. But the trigger pull on this pistol averages 11.6lbs in double-action and 6.6lbs in single-action, not too shabby for being the US Military Sidearm of choice.

I tell the salesman, I do not own one, and his response was again the same response I hear all the time, why not? So I took the plunge. I needed to know what this pistol is all about. With a used price tag of under $500, coming with two magazines and the case, it was a good buy. MSRP for this pistol brand new is $675, but is being sold locally brand new for $575. So I take it the range, squeeze off a few rounds and I’m actually really impressed. The controls are nice and the safety acts as a de-cocker as well. I did find myself accidentally putting the pistol on safe and it would de-cock when I racked the slide back. Other than getting use to not doing that, it was actually a pleasure to shoot. The accuracy of this pistol is spot on. I was hitting really good groups at 7yrds and hitting 8” steel plates with ease at 15yrds, I can now see why everyone said I needed one and why everyone should at least shoot one of these Italian Beauties.

All-in-all, I was impressed with this pistol. Would I use it as a carry pistol, probably not, due to the weight of the pistol and size. The Beretta 92 is reliable and accurate, but for me, I just can’t see myself carrying it every day, but with this being a used pistol, it will make a great back-up/truck pistol.


  • Price point Used/New
  • Ease of finding magazines at $10-$15 for Surplus Mags
  • Ease of take-down
  • Aftermarket accessories readily available (Sights, Holsters, Trigger Job, Grips)


  • Weight
  • Small factory Sights
  • No Accessory Rail
  • Long Trigger Pull

Ya’ll be good and be safe!

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