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Beretta: Why don’t they leave Maryland?

While watching some of the NRA News on their YouTube channel I stumbled across a video with Beretta’s general council talks about legislation that Maryland, where Beretta manufactures their firearms, is currently considering and passed.


While watching the number one thing that came to my mind was why doesn’t Beretta just move? Clearly they are in a very hostile gun environment and it is clearly causing them headache. They may even have to move part of the manufacturing of certain firearms, that would violate state law, if the legislation passed.

In the video he clearly states many states have reached out to Beretta to offer them a safe haven from Unconstitutional laws. He mentioned the usual North Carolina, Texas, etc. as states that have contacted them. If fact the NRA News commentator asked “Have you been approached by other states” and his reply was “it’s almost easier to ask what states I haven’t been approached by”, which begs the question: Why not move?

He went on to make a few points:

They have a history in the state.

This is true and I can understand their deep roots in Maryland and other areas. Look at Smith & Wesson as an example, they have been in Springfield, MA since 1852. That’s a long time with a lot of history and to just up and leave would be not only a lot of money but a lot of workers would be jobless at those facilities.

That being said the newer companies are clearly willing to move to friendlier states as they aren’t as set in their ways or geographical areas. But make no mistake I do think that Beretta and Smith & Wesson would move if they had to.

It would polarize the country.

In other words, it would divide the country worse than it already is currently. I think this is also a valid point but not one that would keep them in the state of Maryland. I think the current polarization can be compared to the civil war era when the country split. Now, I for one don’t want to see the country divided but with the lack of common sense and the total disregard to the Constitution and Bill of Rights that this country was founded on, what do they expect?

I think a point that he didn’t make which is probably the most important point is:

Who is gonna fight for rights of the people of Maryland?

Is it Beretta’s job to standup and fight for the rights of the citizens of that state? No, but aren’t they a more powerful voice than the people now? Because like it or not companies and their tax dollars are more valued than the people’s money. Therefore, if Beretta digs in for the fight with the State of Maryland they are in turn fighting for the 2nd Amendment rights of the people of that state. Which is a big plus for Beretta and Maryland residents.

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