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Building a Range Bag

A range bag is an after thought for many people, but the more I go to the range the more I see how important it is to have one ready at all times. Before this article I had a tool box set up as a “range bag” but this was not a great solution due to two main reasons. For one, I never wanted to take this massive thing anywhere. This is a problem considering that it had important items that were  typically wanted on the range. Secondly, the box was full of extra parts and items that were not necessary on the range, especially an open field range with no tables or setups.

This made me rethink what I needed versus what I wanted. I needed to be able to have an accessible and portable device that was also practical and easy to equip. I quickly came to the conclusion that an actual bag would fit this criteria. I searched to find a bag that I liked (which had a number of carrying options, including fanny pack style, shoulder carry, top carry handle, and molle attachment), and eventually settled on the Lynx Defense Waist Pouch. For the price it is a reasonable option and I love the fact that it can be attached to a molle plate carrier or a molle backpack.

Range Bag Checklist

Range Bag Gear


The bottle of Rand CLP can be replaced with your cleaner of choice, but who doesn’t like Rand for when you need to break down your gun in the field and give it a once over. Some people may even clean their gun prior to returning home from the range. The cleaning swabs are a no brainer, but if you use an old oily rag for your gun cleaning then obviously that would replace this item on the list.

Ear and eye protection are key to have while shooting, thus they are a must have for this list. A good knife or even a multitool made specifically for firearms is a great addition to add to your range bag as well. They will allow you to tinker with your firearm if any issues arise while on the range. If your gun has any specialty tools, I would suggest adding them to the bag as well. For example, my GSG-5 has a special take down tool that came with the gun and I leave it in my range bag so that I always know where it is. When I happen to be shooting the GSG-5 and have an issue, I will always have the tools I need to work on it.

A laser boresight and a sharpie, along with targets, are the key to sighting in any firearm. Be sure to throw those items in your range bag so that you can make sure your gun is precise and accurate.

Safety and survival are of the utmost importance to me and I stress them in all situations. I have a tourniquet and a small first aid kit in my range bag. If you have the monetary means, it would be good idea to purchase a trauma kit that includes hemostatic gauze for your range bag. Hemostatic gauze is important to use in any intense trauma situation, because it contains a blood clotting agent that will help stop hemorrhaging.

Last but not least, having a flashlight is essential to any rang bag.Haven’t we all been in the situation where we are shooting and having fun, and night sneaks up on us? If you do not have a flashlight available. it becomes increasingly difficult to be able to collect your gear, targets, and brass.

Clearly this list will not be for everyone, but it is a great start to get you headed in the right direction! We have provided links to various sites, mostly to Amazon to help you locate and purchase the items if you wish. What do you keep in your bag? Let us know in the comments if you carry more or carry less!

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