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Building an AR-15 Part 1

I’m getting ready to start on a journey of building my first AR-15 from the ground up. I’m going to purchase everything individually and work my way through it. I will be doing this AR-15 build in part’s so this will be somewhat of a series of posts over time and with the possibility of a wrap up post.

So first things first I’m going to set a budget for the project and figure out what parts I will need to make this build possible. As of this writing I don’t know the specific parts or there prices but I will be listing them as they are purchased and I will lists the parts and prices in the future posts of this series.


While I want to make this AR-15 for relatively cheap, I don’t want a cheap gun. I really only want to use this gun for target shooting and plinking so I’m not going to buy the nicest possible internals but I will try to get the most out of my money.

Budget: $750.00

I’m setting my budget at a realistic $750.00 with a +/- of $100. While I feel it’s important to state a budget I will make exceptions, if I feel it’s necessary to make the gun better off or worth more.

Parts List

Just to cover the major parts of the AR15 I created the list below. This lists break down into subcategories, which I will include a link so you can take a look at the full list or parts.

  • Magazine
  • Bolt Carrier Assembly
  • Charging Handle Assembly
  • Upper Receiver and Barrel Assembly
  • Lower Receiver and Buttstock Assembly

To see the full parts list visit the AR-15.com website.

What’s Next?

Well in the next week or so I will begin purchasing all the parts for the lower receiver for the AR-15 build. Once I get all the parts to put the lower together I will document it and then come back with part 2 of this series with an update.

Until then hope you’re enjoying the reviews!

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