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Burris Signature HD Spotting Scope


Burris’ signature HD spotting scope is a high-end scope designed for professionals. Obviously, this scope comes at a steep price, but it goes without saying that the benefits you will be able to reap from its performance are more than enough to compensate for its hefty price tag.

This spotting scope comes supplied with state of the art technologies and it’s pretty safe to say that each of its features complements one another, providing a well-rounded optic performance and a huge value for the buck.

First impressions

At first sight, the Burris spotting scope looks a bit bigger than an average scope model. Aesthetics wise, it looks pretty neat, though not exactly compact, and most certified sellers will deliver it to you in the Neoprene protective easy carry case.

Upon closer inspection we’ve discovered that this remarkable scope rocks some of the finest features on the market. It rocks a built in sunshade, adjustable eyecup for people who are wearing eyeglasses, a lightweight and durable frame made of die-cast magnesium, an angled eyepiece, as well as several focusing adjustments.

It also comes supplied with several optional customizable attachments, the FastFire and 30x eyepiece, but we’ll talk more about them in the sections below.

Manufacturer’s specs and details

The full list of Burris Signature HD Spotting Scope manufacturer specs is as follows:

  • Scope type: roof prism spotting scope
  • Magnification level: 20x to 60x (optional 30x eyepiece included)
  • Diameter of the objective lens: 85 millimetre (3.35 inches)
  • Eye relief: 20 mm on 20x eyepiece, 18 mm on 60x eyepiece
  • Exit pupil:25 mm on 20x eyepiece, 1.4 mm on 60x eyepiece
  • Coatings: fully multi coated
  • Dimensions:3 inches (L), 3.84 inches (W), weighs 4.2 pounds
  • Body design: Die-cast magnesium frame with rubberized reinforcement, HD-glass lenses, Schmidt Pechan prism, waterproof and fogproof design, angled eyepiece
  • Additional accessories: neoprene easy carry case, lens cover, carry strap


Some of the most notable benefits Burris’ signature HD spotting scope brings to the table is it’s great price to value ratio, superb optics, durable construction, and various accessories it comes with:

Great price to value ratio

Even though the Burris HD signature spotting scope does come at a high cost, its value for the money is tremendous. After all, this is a boutique level spotting scope model which boasts a level of performance which can’t even begin to compare to similarly priced models.

Superb optics

One of the main reasons why Burris signature scope model offers a well-rounded performance is because of the superb optics it comes outfitted with.

Namely, the magnification range span of 20x to 60x makes it ideal for basically all purposes, the built in sun shade significantly reduces the amount of glare while protecting the lens from harsh weather (like rain or snow, for example). You will be able to dial in on your target on the fly with fine tuning focusing adjustments, or you could take your time and use the coarse focusing adjustment to substantially boost the accuracy of your scope.

On top of that, it also features the FastFire attachment. This little gadget allows you to rapidly acquire your targets. The FastFire accessory adds a red dot to your sights, allowing you to use it without even having to tune it in certain situations.

Durable construction

The Burris HD signature spotting scope packs a lightweight frame made of die cast magnesium material. It weighs only 4.2 pounds and it’s certainly one of the most lightweight spotting scopes in the price range.

Furthermore, the design of Burris’ HD signature spotting scope is both fogproof and waterproof, which means that it is perfectly suited for use in all weather conditions.

Designed for comfortable use

Though this scope isn’t the most compact model available, the brand pitched in an easy carry case made of neoprene to gap this little drawback. Its angled design allows it to be mounted on tripods with ease, which only means that you’ll be able to use it from various positions (upright, prone, mounted, in a vehicle).


Even though there are millions of things you’ll love about the Burris HD signature spotting scope, there are a couple of drawbacks that you should be aware of, such as:

Isn’t available for purchase directly from the manufacturer

Sadly, the only way to get your hands on this magnificent scope is to find a certified dealer, it isn’t available for purchase straight from Burris. Of course, the brand has declared an official price and introduced a neat little option to ‘find a dealer’ in the United States for free shipping, but unless you are in America you will need to pay the shipping price as well.

Furthermore, the retail price varies from dealer to dealer, which means that you will have to search around for the best deal.

Big, bulky, and unwieldy without the carry case

One of the biggest drawbacks of of this scope is its size. Namely, unless you have a huge backpack, you will need to leave some things behind as it will take up a good chunk of your storage space. Of course, it is practically not an issue if you’re using it with the complementary neoprene easy carry case feature.

Final thoughts

In all honesty, Burris’ HD spotting scope isn’t really meant for beginners and enthusiasts simply because it costs too much for comfort. However, if you’ve been looking around for a considerable upgrade, it doesn’t get much better than this.

This boutique spotting scope has exquisite optics with the instant-lock RapidFire attachment, numerous tuning options, it’s built like a brick wall, and it’s surprisingly light considering its size. Even though it’s quite big, the brand offers a gratis easy carry case to make it a bit more compact.

Overall, the benefits Burris scope offers put a huge shadow on the petite drawbacks. Start saving up some cash if you are looking for one of the best spotting scopes under 200 bucks. Stay safe, folks!



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