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Canik TP9v2: $350 Pistol Underdog?

The Canik TP9v2 is a Turkish made pistol being imported in by Century Arms. This DA/SA striker-fired pistol is chambered in 9mm. The TP9v2 pistol is the updated version of the original TP9SA pistol. With the $399 MSRP and selling locally for around $350, this pistol is top quality and will make for a great budget friendly full-size pistol. The weight of this pistol is actually really nice, unloaded weight is 1.74lbs, which is a little bit heavier than most polymer full-size striker fired pistols out on the market today. But there is a reason for this, I don’t know if you caught this or not, but this is a Double Action/Single Action Striker-fired pistol. On top of the steel slide is an ambidextrous de-cocker. This style pistol design is compared to a Walther P99 pistol. If you want to carry with one in the pipe and want to have a longer trigger pull, just like a double-action hammer fired pistol, you can. But the trigger pull is actually really nice. Average single action pull is coming in at 7.15lbs and avg double action is coming in at 11.55lbs and the reset is audible and is very nice.

Here is what you get for $350: it comes in a very nice hard-plastic case, you will have the pistol that has foam padding encasing all the components, polymer holster, it will include the same two interchangeable back-straps as the TP9SA, two 18rd Mec-Gar mags, paddle attachment, belt attachment, cleaning rod, brush, and this pistol comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty just like the TP9SA. The TP9v2 also includes a 4.1” cold hammer forged barrel which is a little bit shorter than the TP9SA, fixed 3-Dot steel sights, striker status indicator, reversible magazine catch and an MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail and the pistols comes in either black and FDE. The aftermarket is still trying to play catch-up with these Canik pistols. I am having difficulty finding aftermarket holsters, so for now, I will just use the holster it came with until I can have a custom kydex holster made for it by Hoss’ Holsters out of Smithfield, NC.

So is this $350 budget friendly full-size pistol the new underdog? At this price point, it can sometimes be overlooked and overshadowed by the big name companies, :cough: Glock, :cough: Smith and Wesson, but this polymer pistol is actually a great buy. The large 3-Dot Sights makes it easy for sight picture. I found myself really enjoying shooting this pistol. It shot very well and the groupings were nice. I experienced no FTF nor FTE. I was shooting 115gr RN Perfecta ammo. The only problems I did find were the trigger does feel weird. It seems like it “breaks” twice, because when you squeeze the trigger back you will hit a “wall” and then you’ll finally get the pistol in a “SA” sort of speak trigger. Also, when I was de-cocking the pistol is kind of hard to begin with, but I believe it will smooth out the more times it is used. Finding extra magazines is not hard at all. Aimsurplus.com sells the Mec-Gar 18rd magazines for $24 and are in stock (May 2016). Check them out if you are in need of extra magazines for your Canik TP9 pistol.

Ya’ll be good and be safe.



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