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C.A.R.R. Pack from Wraith Tactical

The Concealed Armor Rapid Response (C.A.R.R.) Pack is designed for the First Responder in mind to give them a quick, light, and easily deployed option against an Active Shooter Incidents. This modular pack can be configured for multiple agencies, be it LEO, EMS, or Fire Departments. the ambulance. The C.A.R.R. signature feature is a quick detachable and vastly re-configurable medical bag,, which allows the first responder to carry additional equipment or enough medical triage supplies for up to 5 patients.

This 100% water repellent pack is really nice. I like the how it can accept either 10×12 soft or hard body armor. It is made out of 500 Condura and has Duraflex buckles with Mil-Spec webbing for added strength for movement and can be deployed in under 8 seconds. Wraith Tactical made this pack with conjunction with the Government Training Institute (GTI). This pack was designed to be discreet and and to appear to be a normal backpack.

C.A.R.R. Pack in Blue

The C.A.R.R. Pack is measuring at 12″W x 16″T x 6″ Deep and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. It has adjustable waist strap that adjusts to 60″ and they offer an extender to extend out the straps to over 80″. This pack with the medical bag is coming at $329.95 and without the medical bag for $296.96. Wraith Tactical offers a variety of colors to choose from to include: Blue, Red, Black, FDE, and now OD Green.

With the growing dangers First Responders are facing each day, having an Active Shooter Bag/Pack is almost a must. Being  a First Responder in my local community, we do have Active Shooter Bags that are equipped with Combat Application Tourniquets, Israeli Bandages (Small and Large), Needle Decompress, Nasorpharyngeal Airways, Scissors, Flashlight, and Tarp/Body Carrier, but carried in a sling pack.

5 Triage Kit Bag Available for that extra gear

Having a backpack that can also add armor plates would be even better! It almost makes sense for every first responder to have an IFAK, but running towards danger to help save others, we often forget the golden rule, our safety. If we cannot save ourselves, how can we save the people in danger? We are hoping to review this product in more detail later on this year.

As always, ya’ll be good and be safe!

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