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Check Out this Portable Hardened Bunker

Have you ever thought of bugging out with your shelter? We aren’t talking about a tent or bivvy, take a look at these hardened concrete shelters, complete with steel doors, which can be easily transported and then deployed over the course of an hour or two. All you need is a source of water, a leaf blower, and some way to drag the shelter into shape as it unfolds — in the video they use a Jeep — and you can be safe and secure in a bulletproof bunker in less than a day.

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These shelters were designed for emergency deployment after a disaster, either natural or man-made, and are said to be surprisingly comfortable. The secret is concrete-impregnated fabric which sets up fast and dries to a relatively smooth, rock hard finish. Of course, all of this convenience comes at a price. Unless you’re willing to buy them in lots of a dozen or more, each shelter will set you back at least $30k depending on the options and size.

As convenient and cool as this technology is, it’s not without shortcomings — even aside from the price. For one, you’ll need about 1,000 gallons of water to set one of these shelters up. Although it doesn’t need to be potable, unless you’re hunkering down next to a decent sized stream you’ve got a challenge ahead of you.

Believe it or not, a battery-powered leaf blower provides plenty of pressure to inflate the shell, although you’ll probably need a hand getting your new bunker all stretched out. For all of the downsides, there’s something cool about being able to toss a cabin in the back of your pickup and driving right up to the site of your new homestead.

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