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Conceal Carry in your Vehicle – WPN Gear comes to the rescue!

We attend many gun shows across the US and we often hear people ask vendors and others how they carry their firearm in their vehicle.  It’s an important subject that is often overlooked.  We thought what better then hitting the folks up at WPN Gear for a review and Vlog.  

There is no doubt that when we get into our mobile luxury palace on wheels it’s more comfortable to remove our weapon from its carry holster, but where do you put your Thelma or Louise once in the vehicle? For me it was often in the door-well, cup holder or I just kept it in my holster.

As a firearms trainer we talk about how important speed is in deploying your weapon, god forbid you ever needed to use it. But the time delay alone from moving your seatbelt as opposed to just reaching for your blaster in its dedicated vehicle holster is potentially lifesaving!

In researching companies that offer vehicle mounts, we found the market to be limited.  We had the opportunity to speak with the guys at WPN Gear (www.WPNGear.com) a good American company based in Texas and hear more about what they offer and their philosophy behind the company. There motto is “We are a veteran owned and operated shop, dedicated to design and customer service, we believe in the American way of life, and the right to bear arms”.  So how do you beat that? 

WPNGear offers a variety of vehicle mounts from  LE Gearskid’s to pistol mounts and more.  This is a great veteran owned company with great reviews and and they are also big in the Jeep accessories market as well. 

I have to say after receiving the pistol mount and working with it for a few months, i’m a big fan!  Check them out at www.WPNGear.com

Ron Holmes


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