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Congresswoman Aims to Rewrite National Firearms Act

If Congresswoman Diane Black of Tennessee gets her way, the ATF would no longer be able to collect demographic data from mandatory background checks. The Congresswoman sees issue with the fact that the ATF has been collecting and maintaining race information via their Form 4473, which is required to be filled out when purchasing a firearm in a database to “track gun crime & violence”.

But is she really doing anything?

This is nothing but a feeble attempt to appear pro-second amendment. This is only a one page bill and does nothing to address the idiocy that is the National Firearms Act (NFA). Why is a Short-Barrel Rifle still an NFA restricted firearm? Why is a suppressor? Where is the one page bill to remove both of those items and to stop the unnecessary taxation of those firearms and accessories.

I think her intentions have merit, however in its current state this bill will not realistically bring enough change to the current NFA.

Read her Full opinion article on Fox News

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