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DDI AK47 from Classic Firearms

Destructive Devices Industries, or DDI, is a firearms manufacturer “built on the principle that there should be an intrinsic value in providing products which offer more personal and financial rewards than consumers expect to receive.” DDI is based out of Knoxville, TN and came into business after purchasing all the equipment and left over inventory from Waffen Works.

All DDI firearms are built in house using their own either stamped or milled receivers, scope rails and FCG retainer plates. Green Mountain barrels are being used in these rifles and then finished in their proprietary Fenocite treatment or chrome-lined to military specifications, depending on the model. According to DDI’s website, “Fenocite provides superior corrosion resistance and reduced wear, barrels can last a third longer than conventional barrels.” I compare the fenocite treatment like Sig Sauer’s Nitride treatment. All DDI firearms are offered with Tapco G2 fire control parts and Magpul MOE 30rd. Magazines or Tapco Magazines depending on the caliber. They are currently offering AK’s chambered in 7.62×39 and 5.45×39. In 2016, they just introduced the 12ga Shotgun variant. DDI have been using Bulgarian Parts kits, but are currently developing 100% Made in the USA parts to be used.

They also offer Magpul Models that include the Standard MOE Grip, MOE Handguard as well as the Zhukov longer handguard. They also offer the Magpul standard AK stock or their Zhukov Side-Folding Stock. Another model includes the Hogue over-molded handguard, pistol grip and Phoenix buttstock. For you classic AK lovers out there, DDI does make wood variant models, as well as an Underfold version.

I actually received my DDI AK47 for Christmas 2015. It was purchased from Classic Firearms, out of North Carolina. It was purchased around Black Friday, and I received it a few days later. It comes in a standard box and has an AK47 instruction manual. DDI offers a 1 year manufactures warranty, but can be extended to 3 years, if you register your rifle with them on their website. My DDI MOE AK47S is a great rifle with no FTF or FTE. This rifle is well built, but I have now encountered a slight snag with the Magpul Stock. After about 300rds, the stock started to become wobbly. I popped off the rear cover of the stock and found the back Allen screw has started to back out, as well as the front Phillips screw. A little bit of Red Loctite and she is good as new! I thoroughly enjoy shooting this rifle. I will be purchasing a DDI Underfold AK47 soon, as a get home rifle to keep in the vehicle. I enjoy the RS Regulate AK-301 Mount with the RS Regulate 30mm tube mount for the Aimpoint ACO. I love how you still have the 1/3 co-witness with the mount. If you are in the market for a good, quality built AK47, check out Destructive Devices Industries. You won’t be disappointed. You can find DDI AK’s at classicfirearms.com, atlanticfirearms.com, and aimsurplus.com.

Ya’ll be good and be safe!

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