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Defense Chief Jackie Speir, Calls to Screen Right Leaning Service Members Social Media Accounts

Just an unbelievable sigh of the time, in a letter addressed to President Biden and his top Defense chiefs, Rep. Jackie Speier, a member of the House Armed Services Committee and a Democrat, feels that the federal government needs to track our military members for what she calls ties to white supremacist far-right groups.

She is calling for screening the social media accounts of U.S. service members and other “individuals with sensitive roles.” All the while ignoring Antifa-BLM terrorist group, which if your a service member that is a democrat and supporter of the left, then your in good company.

In her letter, it is also stated that an executive order must be issued to identify white supremacy and violent extremism as a critical threat. Again, please see her “white” reference and nothing about the left. Link to the full story is below.


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