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Dene Adams Concealment Corsets

Dene Adams is a family owned company operating out of Kansas City, MO. I purchased this corset holster for my wife in December 2015, for Christmas. Since then, she says that it is really comfortable to wear and conceals her M&P Shield amazingly. She often tells me that she feels so comfortable wearing it, that she often forgets that she has it on.

According to Dene Adams website, “Dene Adams was founded on the legacy and principles of owner Anna Taylor’s grandfather. Dene Adams was a man of strong American tradition, Christian values and was an advocate for common sense. Grandpa Dene believed that ‘There is no such thing as a gun accident. Guns should be respected, not feared & when treated with respect, guns can be an integral part of our daily life.’ It was this passion in Dene Adams that led to the creation of the compression concealed carry holster for women. The innovation and design efforts of our compression holsters allow women to carry without a change in wardrobe.“ Owner, Anna Taylor, is a certified USCCA Instructor as well as an NRA Certified Instructor in Pistol, Rifle, and Personal Protection in the Home. Dene Adams holsters are made in the USA and are sold in the US and Internationally.

Dene Adams patent pending concealment corset holsters are built with comfort and sex appeal in mind. The corsets are real corsets that conform to the wearer’s body. They offer array of different colors, sizes, and styles. The colors range from gray, blue, beige, pink, white, and black. The sizes range from Angelic to Elegant.  The sizing chart makes picking out the right corset easily. If your measurements run between two sizes, they recommend you order the smaller size of the two. The styles of the corsets are based on the size pistol you have, or wanting to carry. They offer single colored corsets as well as laced front corsets. The corsets are made out of lycra, so it makes the corsets very breathable. Your pistol is secured by a Velcro strap and is ambidextrous. Drawing is a breeze. There are videos on Dene Adams website that goes over how to draw the pistol.

IMG_7734 (2)

Here are the instructions from Dene Adams website on how to draw and re-holster:

  • When inserting or removing the firearms from the holster, keep your finger clear of the trigger until your firearm is on target and ready to fire.
  • With your support hand, reach across the body and lift the garment over the holster as high as possible.
  • Draw the firearm straight up clearing the holster, then drive the muzzle of the firearm in a straight line to the target.
  • To re-holster: Uncover the garment from the holster to reinsert the firearm in the holster.
  • Have your support hand push or lift the garment to expose the opening of the holster.
  • Confirm that your firearm is securely seated in the holster before removing your hand from the grip. *Failure to do this may result in accidental dropping of the firearm or an accidental discharge*
  • Use the retention tab to secure the firearm into the holster. This will keep the firearm from falling out during activity.

These corset style holsters make great presents, especially for that special concealed carrier person in your life. These corsets are selling from $80-$130, with frequent sales. Dene Adams also sells lingerie, leather clutches/wallets, and t-shirts. Dene Adams also recommends the corsets are hand-wash and line dry. Do not machine dry the corset and do not wear the corset when it is wet. Dene Adams also offers a military, law enforcement, firefighter, and EMT discount that is available all the time on any order you make, excluding gift cards and clearance items. Also, shipping time varies and can take up to 6 weeks to deliver.  So ladies, if you are in the market for a different way to carry concealed in a sexier way, check out Dene Adams for a beautiful corset!

As always, ya’ll be good and be safe!

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