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Engraved Smith and Wesson M&P Bodyguard 380

The Engraved model of the M&P Bodyguard 380 chambered in 380ACP has been on the market for almost 1yr now, and it has started to make its way here into North Carolina.

Little history on the Bodyguard 380, it was introduced in 2011, as Smith and Wesson’s new concealed carry piece. With its sleek design, and insight laser, it was sure to be winner. Sadly, with the price point close to $400, it was a little on the high side compared to the other small framed 380ACP’s at the time. In 2014, Smith and Wesson realigned the Bodyguard with its Military and Police series of pistols, and ditched the insight laser, which made it more like their other M&P series pistols. But staying true to its roots, Smith and Wesson brought back the integrated laser, but started to use Crimson Trace as their source of lasers.

In 2015, Smith and Wesson started making laser engraved models. The lines are crisp, and clean. This pistol is coming in under one pound; it’s weighing in at 0.75lbs. The barrel length is 2.75” and overall length is 5.25”. The trigger pull is nothing to write home about. It is a double action only pistol, with an average trigger pull of 11lbs 7oz. If you have medium to large size hands, this pistol will not be for you. If you have smaller hands, it will feel comfortable. I, unfortunately, wear Medium size gloves, and I found it difficult and not comfortable to shoot. It was too small and my hand grip was all messed up and adding in the long trigger pull; it was not fun to shoot. I found myself thinking there is a short reset, like most of my pistols, but it doesn’t. It does “click” like a short reset, but it resets once the trigger is all the way out. When it comes to accuracy, this pistol is lacking in that department. I believe it was designed for distances of no more than 5yrds, and is more of a get off me gun. I tried shooting it at 7yds, and it was all over the place. Now, this could possibly be me, but talking with other people who own and carry this pistol, they are getting the same results. They carry this pistol just as a shear back up and get off me pistol.

With all pistols, sometimes problems do occur. Here recently, there have been problems with the safety being hard to engage and disengage. Fortunately, this pistol does not have that problem. Also, I have noticed when inserting in a magazine, it will get hung up by the mag release. So you will have to press the magazine release button when inserting a magazine or you force it in by slamming the magazine in. I am sure, since this is a brand new gun, it will have a break-in period and it should smooth itself out. Also, be aware when putting a fresh magazine in and the slide is not locked back, you will meet some resistance due to the magazine spring being tight. This issue does occur with the M&P Shield as well.

All-in-all, this size pistol is designed for concealed carry and would make a great little carry piece. It does come with two magazines (one with the extended base and a flat base) and soft carrying case. With a price point of $375, you can’t go wrong with this little pistol, especially compared to other brands out on the market. For me, it’s just too small and I prefer compact or subcompact size pistols. If you haven’t seen one of the engraved models, ask your LGS to get one in, or try and see if the big box stores have them in stock, so you can truly see the beauty of the engraving.

Ya’ll be good and be safe!


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