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FPSRussia: UTS-15 12 Gauge

FPS Russia confirming our thoughts and more via twitter.

The UTS-15 12 Gauge shotgun was recently one of the guns FPSRussia demoed on his Youtube channel (if I have to explain who FPSRussia is you’re in the wrong place). Needless to say it left me unimpressed with him commenting, and it being overly obvious, that the gun is mostly plastic.

The next issue I saw with the UTS-15 is, besides the fact he bought three just in case, was that it jammed nearly every time he shot with the exceptions of the last two trials. The kind of problem with a pump action shotgun is just crazy to even think about as they have nearly perfected the pump action in most modern shotguns. So basically the gun was 1 for 3 being successful actually functioning without error. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t even want to trust this gun hunting.

Even if the gun functioned correctly the looks of it are enough for anyone to ask why. So literally the only positive thing about the gun is the fact that it holds a lot of rounds.

Let us know your thoughts on the UTS-15 12 gauge shotgun in the comments below.

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