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Glock 20 Gen 4: 10mm with Attitude!

The Glock 20 has been in the gun market for the last 25 years. It was developed in 1990, and fully released to the public in 1991. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation once had this pistol as a contestant as their new firearm, but was scrapped after their conclusion. The conclusion was the frame was too big for the average shooter, as well as the recoil was too much for everyday training. The FBI did however keep the 10mm cartridge in its arsenal with an MP5 variant for their Hostage Rescue Team and their Special Weapons and Tactics Team. Today, the 10mm cartridge is used in the United States by some local Police Departments and is marketed for hunting, defensive, and tactical use. The 10mm rimless cartridge is one of the cartridges that is legal for use in hunting of white-tail deer in many states.

When the Glock 20 came out, it closely resembled the Glock 17, with its overall length of 8.03”, width of 1.27”, and height of 5.47” and 15rd double-stack magazines. This polymer pistol’s unloaded weight is coming in at 1.92lbs and loaded weight is coming in at 2.47lbs. Like most typical Glock’s, the trigger pull is a steady 5.5lbs. The Glock 20 Gen4 that I tested, had the AmeriGlo TFO Sights, which is a huge upgrade from the factory plastic sights. Like all Gen4 Glock’s, it included three magazines and the interchangeable back-straps.

When taking this pistol to the range, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I have never shot a 10mm pistol before, but I have shot the Glock 33 in .357 SIG. Since the Glock 33 is the smaller Glock, it made my wrists hurt the next day after a day of shooting it. But surprisingly, this pistol shot amazing. With the longer slide and the design of the pistol, it was very manageable and follow-up shots were on point. I can now see why people like to carry this cartridge as a backup when in the woods hunting. It’s also nice knowing that there are options for longer barrels to make shooting even better. The factory 4.6” barrel length is nice, but if you added a Lone Wolf Distributors 6” barrel, it would make this pistol even better!

The Glock 20 Gen4 is selling locally for $539 and for you LEO/First Responders/Military personnel you can purchase this Glock 20 Gen4 for around $439 on the Blue Label. This pistol is actually a used pistol with a price tag of $440. So for you hunters out there thinking about a new hunting sidearm, seriously consider the Glock 20, or a 10mm cartridge for your next pistol. There is always something out there other than the 357 and 44 Magnum. Like I always say, it’s what ever fits your needs, budget, and your hands best! Thanks to Clayton Guns for allow us to test out this amazing pistol!

Ya’ll be good and be safe!

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