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Glock rolls out Glock ID

Glock I.D. early access Email.
Glock I.D. early access Email.

On February 22nd 2013, Glock started the process of rolling out their Glock ID program which allows you to keep track of your range time, add your pistols to your “safe” which tracks information about your gun including make/model, as well as the ability to upload your shot targets. They even let you log when you clean your gun so you can keep track of your cleaning regiment. You can add your serial number to the notes if you’d like but Glock doesn’t require it by any means.

While I like this concept it will be interesting to see if it actually catches on. I think the range time feature as well as the upload shot targets feature might catch on, possibly even the last cleaned feature. But as far as giving glock the serial numbers to all your guns. Not as convinced on that one. I think the people who think big brother is already after your guns will see this as a free way for the Government to collect that information.

Not to mention with Glock not joining other companies and stopping the sale to anti-2A states and local governments makes people really question who Glock is more loyal to. Glock does run deep in the law enforcement blood and I own a number of glocks but in the end I’m sure the consumer market is Glocks biggest market that they cater to.

What are your thoughts on Glock I.D.? Have you got your email to say that you now have access? If so share your thoughts on the subject in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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