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Government Shutdown: NICS Still Going Strong

WT's Guns Goldsboro, NC

So it comes as no surprise that the Government shut down has shut down open area memorials and parks. But what has kept working throughout the shutdown is the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (or NICS). This is the system in which FFL’s (gun dealers) call to verify that you are eligible to purchase a firearm.

While I think this system is a great system and we should conduct background checks at the FFL purchase level, which apparently the federal government is exempt from when selling to the cartels. I’ve heard the system has not skipped a beat. This surprises me and it doesn’t all at the same time. While I think team Obama would love to shut it down and halt the sale of guns during this government outage I think the feds understand that it would stop a few dealers but most would probably keep on selling because for many that’s their living.

NICS must have been something that was deemed “necessary” for the government to keep working. Personally I am glad it is still up and working, what are everyone’s thoughts?

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