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Happy 241st Birthday Devil Dogs!

Happy Birthday Marines! Today is your day! On November 10, 1775, the Marine Corps was formed to serve as an infantry unit on the high seas. The men and women who are serving and have served in the Marines, are of a special breed. Marines are taught with the highest military traditions of Honor, Courage, and Commitment and live by the code, Semper Fidelis, or always faithful.

The bond between Marines are strong and never ending. And the saying, “Once a Marine, Always a Marine,” is still very true today. On your 241st Birthday, I salute you! I am proud to have seen first hand what it takes to become a Marine, by visiting Parris Island while I was in High School. Although I never joined any branch of the military, I chose to serve the citizens at home by becoming a Paramedic and working in the streets. It is an honor to be friends with Marines and to work with retired Marines here on the street.

On this day, I pray that as you celebrate your birthday, that you stay safe and be careful. Some Marines are still over seas, some are back at home with their loved ones, and some are fighting demons that cannot be seen. I ask that Marines that read this (new and old), to try and reach out to your brothers-in-arms and drop a line saying hey and check on them. In a world filled with hate and uncertainty, just a simple gesture like a phone call or a text can go a long way.

Enjoy your day! Be good and be safe!

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