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Heckler and Koch SP5K Table Top Review

First of all, I am a huge H&K Fan! When I heard the SP5K (MP5K) was going to be reintroduced into the civilian market in May 2016, I was excited as hell. I just could not wait to get my fingers on one. I own several H&K pistols and a Converted USC/UMP conversion. I have a clone MP5 and MP5K also, but I really wanted the real thing and here was one closer to my price range.


I was at my local gun shop, Clayton Guns, when they got a pair of HK SP5K’s in-stock. I gladly opened the cardboard box to reveal a really nice, hard shell pelican style case with HK Logo on top. With the twist of the two lock latches, I was in. As always, the overall fit and finish was superb. Those Germans can really build a firearm. As I opened it, I see the little extras included like: an HK tool, sling, and other goodies. Now, spending that kind of cash, I expected all of these extras and I was not disappointed.






Breaking down the pistol

I am no stranger to firearms and I love taking them apart and putting them back together again – plus I’m a Class III nut…the big thing I want to see is if this little jewel can be a host for a registered trigger pack. First and foremost, craftsmanship is top notch on the SP5K. There was no tooling marks or sharp edges. As far as if the new SP5K will accept a registered trigger pack…well yes and no.

It appears that a drop-in trigger pack won’t work fully, but it is not out of the question. First, the SP5K has a semi-auto bolt that will need to be replaced or converted to be made full-auto. If you have the know how to convert it, well that’s one thing – if not…..then you probably shouldn’t be doing it yourself. There is a block for the full-auto bolt, but that is an easy fix too. Do not forget to Obey all Federal and local laws here boys and girls.

Notice the barrel is flush with the sights

One thing I did noticed was the front pin holes were still intact but a small piece of metal was welded over to prevent a full-auto lower from being installed. If you had intentions to legally convert with a registered pack and full-auto lower, it would be an easy conversion. Just contact your local competent gunsmith and purchase a drop-in pack.



Taking off the handguard, reveals a pistol that just looks great – except the barrel end/muzzle. For a pistol in this price range, I would have liked to seen a threaded barrel, a tri-lug, or even both. There is not even enough room to thread it! I get the import laws, but come on! Leave me a half inch or so to have it threaded if I want to.

Talking with HK’s higher-ups at SHOT Show this year, it seemed that they had no clue that the American market wants a tri-lug and they had no clue that other blow-back design manufactures (Zenith, POF, Dakota Tactical) are coming standard with a threaded-barrel. HK is known for extraordinary products and high-class machines, so how could they overlook this.


  • Overall Length- 13.9″
  • Overall Height- 8.66″
  • Barrel Length- 4.53″
  • Unloaded Weight- 4.2lbs
  • Trigger Pull- Avg 8.6lbs
  • MSRP- $2,699

Semi-Auto Bolt

According to HK’s website, “The SP5K retains many of the critical features of the MP5, including its precision machined components and attention-to-detail quality. The SP5K is manufactured completely in Heckler & Koch’s Oberndorf factory in southwest Germany. The SP5K hand guard is designed with special ergonomic and safety features to protect the shooter’s hand and provide a comfortable and stable grip.”


Aftermarket accessories are available to include: a picatinny rail scope mount to add your additional sights, an extended selector switch, and collapsible stocks. So if you are wanting to go about and convert this pistol into an SBR, you absolutely can.


  • H&K factory MP5K
  • Outstanding Craftsmanship
  • Factory Extras
  • Uses surplus MP5 Magazines
  • Easy to SBR


  • Cost
  • No suppressor adapters
  • Cumbersome to shoot as pistol

Final thoughts

I hope this is the first of many popular H&K carbines and rifles that may see civilian production. Can we say G36!? I really hope to see the additional MP5 lines of rifles/pistols and dare I say the amazing MP7. I have not got the chance to shoot this pistol yet, but I cant wait. You can purchase the SP5K locally for around $2,400 and 30rd magazines can be found for around $60.

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