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HIGH & WILD Target Stand

So we are here in Arizona for a few months and brought along some toys to review. When heading out to the designated shooting areas here, one of the first things you see is the shooting regulations.

As we brought the usual trash bag of plastic bottles, soda cans etc, we were surprised to see government signs that clearly stated NO plastic or cans of any type and the need for a solid target system, paper or cardboard, metal.

Currently doing the RV lifestyle trip, we did not bring our steel Defense Targets along, thus if we wanted to shoot it was tie for a little research. Calling a few local gun shops we quickly found out that they are all sold out and certainly not surprised, but what to do for our needs. Like most and with a little heartburn we went to Amazon. Seeing a stand from High & wild a company we have never heard from before, we thought what the heck and with prime it was next day delivery.

Once it arrived we headed back out to give it a shot and product the VLOG review. Click on the link below and I think you will be surprised at how this simple cheap stand did.

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