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Inteliscope iPhone Scope Accepting Pre-Orders

Inteliscope, LLC announced on Wednesday that they are now accepting pre-orders of their iPhone/iPod powered rifle scope. The scope comes with a slew of features and appears to be promising. The Inteliscope requires three things: an iPhone or iPod, the Inteliscope app, and the firearm mount. The mounts cost $69.99 but I’m not sure if the app cost additional or if that’s including in the $69.99.

The Inteliscope has a full list of features and even some more pictures(because who doesn’t like pictures?) on their website: inteliscopes.com. So head over and check it out and preorder yours if you so desire.

I’ve been told we would have a sample to test in late May. We will report back on our thoughts once we have the chance to check out the Inteliscope.

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