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Is Texas about to become very rich?

texasWith more and more gun, accessory, parts, and ammunition manufacturers stating that they will relocate to more gun friendly states, if their state starts to enact new gun laws do you think Texas, arguably the most pro-gun state in the Union, will be the state waiting with open arms to accept these companies?

Some companies have already moved their operations to Texas and more may follow suit, including big names such as MagPul and Beretta. I think that most states will cave and hold off on new laws because of the threats these companies are making. I believe most manufacturers will remain where they are considering it costs millions of dollars to up and move.

While we tend to shy away from politics that aren’t directly gun related, here on EpicTactical. I think it’s important to watch this politicians actions when it comes to their tax revenue being taken away. I think it will show the true colors of these state and federal politicians. It will surely test if they truly believe what they preach or if they are just pawns of the almighty dollar. May make you reconsider your representatives next election cycle, if you aren’t already.

It will be interesting to watch it unfold and as always we will keep you posted.

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