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ISSC M22 .22LR Review

I have always liked shooting .22LR for target practice; it’s doesn’t bust the wallet, it’s easy to load, and easier to group for training purposes as well as just having fun at the range.

I had just recently sold my Walther P22 in favor of the .380 but still missed having a .22LR for fun at the range.

So when asked to review the ISSC M22 .22LR I was quite happy to get my hands on it.

Out of the box and into my hand I knew right away I liked the feel of the M22 much better than previous .22LR I owned, even the P22 stock. The weight of the M22 was balanced and the stock grip and its divided finger sections fit my hand perfectly. The safety action and slide release I could without an issue toggle with my thumb. Same as well with the magazine release, all three positioned in a crescent order for proper thumb action.

The M22 comes stock with a Weaver rail and adjustable rear sight for training purposes. To my knowledge ISSC developed this gun with training in mind as a type of substitute for the Glock and I feel they mastered it in regards to the development of the polymer frame and action as well as sights.

After inspection was over it was time to drive to the range and really test this firearm. The loading of the ten-shot capacity magazine did not present any issues. The magazine spring worked well and didn’t need to be beat in to load easily like other cheaper .22LR I have owned.

Then it was action time!

As mentioned before the balance of the gun was what I noticed right away holding it out of the box. At the range holding steady with those wide white sights allowed me to group flawlessly on the first magazine. The recoil was pretty much the same as all the .22LR I have owned, nothing improved in that aspect. We put another 5 magazines through it and each time grouping was improved. During those 5 magazines we did not have a single misfire or jam in the action.

Overall I was impressed with the Austrian engineering and attentiveness to detail in it’s design. The level of safety in all the components and match barrel make this gun a great buy for target practice and training.

Caliber: .22LR
Capacity: 10 rds.
Action: SA (single action)
Trigger weight: 2 kg
Trigger travel: 3,8 mm
Overall length: 179 mm
Overall height: 121 mm
Overall width: 27,5 mm
Barrel length: 104 mm
Sight length: 140 mm
Weight (w/o magazine): 605 g
Weight empty magazine: 75 g

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