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Laserlyte CM-K15B Green Dot Laser Review

I’ll be honest I’m not one to slap a laser on my pistol or rifle. I don’t know if it’s due to the fact it gives away your location or just the fact that I’ve never had any luck with lasers being accurate. But when Laserlyte reached out to us and wanted us to take a look at their new CM-K15B line of green dot lasers I put my skepticism aside and figured I’d give them another shot.

First impressions

Upon opening the box I pulled out the plastic enclosure and immediately noticed that there was a decent weight to the package. The packaging was solid and secure and had a few graphics of the product mounted on an AR with a few details on the back of the products features.

The package contains the laser, a pressure switch, two pieces of Velcro tape, and an allen wrench. There are instructions included however they are on the inside of the label so be careful when opening the package as to not tear them up.

Look & Feel

After taking the laser out of the package and finally being able to hold the laser. It was immediately apparent that it was a solid laser. The outside of the laser is a hard polymer substance. The pressure switch that is included felt sturdy however the cord that goes from the laser to the pressure switch seemed short.

While taking an overall look at the product I took off the battery cover which is just screwed on. However there is a small plastic piece attached to the battery cap and when I tried to take it off it twisted the plastic attachment which I was worried would break. With a little more digging I realized it could be taken off and the cap could then be unscrewed without it getting in the way or breaking.


Installing the CM-K15B was to be expected for a picatinny rail attachment. While I have yet to sight the laser in I will come back and edit this post with my results of the sighting in, shooting, and holding a zero.


One of the features, and frankly something that caught my eye, was the laser pattern that the CM-K15B has. This is accomplished by sliding a small plastic piece over the laser which filters the laser to create the “center mass” pattern. This pattern is fairly nice but does have some artificating which you can see in the picture below.

If you are old-fashioned and just want a solid single dot pattern all you have to do is pull the plastic filter up and place it on the holder.

Activation Switches

The CM-K15B comes with two activation switches. One is on the side and can be pressed once for a short burst and pressed twice for the laser to activate and stay on until turned off. The other is an included pressure switch which is plugged into the back of the laserlyte.


Over all I would say that this is a solid product and a solid laser for anyone looking to add a laser to their picatinny rail. I would recommend this laserlyte to anyone looking for a durable, well-built product made in the U.S.A. If you are interested in purchasing the Laserlyte CM-K15B check it out on Amazon.com.

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I'll be honest I'm not one to slap a laser on my pistol or rifle. I don't know if it's due to the fact…
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