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Lynx Defense release’s its newest backpack product

So our buddies over at Lynx Defense sent us their press release just in time for SHOT SHOW and man this new bag looks so cool we had to spread the word. BTW, we have done a review of their rifle bags before and we truly believe they are one of the best if not the best on the market, so look them up!

Four Oaks, NC – Lynx Defense will release its newest backpack product, The Policy, on January 6, 2022. The Policy is designed to conceal backpack carry sub guns discreetly and comfortably in nearly any backpack.

“At Lynx Defense, we are always working to provide products that fill a hole in the market and with the Policy, we feel we have created the ultimate gray man carry solution” said Michael Savage, founder and CEO of Lynx Defense. “The idea behind The Policy is that it’s your insurance policy for when everything goes wrong. The Policy allows you have your PCC or folding AR in your everyday backpack ready to go but concealed from everyone”.

The Policy is an everyday carry bag insert to help keep your PDW, folding brace AR, or other small backpack carryable weapon secure and in place. The Policy was designed to separate your gun from the rest of the contents of your backpack so you can quickly and easily get to it if you need to.


The concept of The Policy is extremely simple it allows you to carry your sub gun using your existing backpack to discreetly carry while still maintaining organization and keeping your gun within arms reach in the event you need it.


The Policy is made in North Carolina using durable materials to protect your gear while it is your backpack. We also utilize 1/2″ foam to keep your gun protected and away from the other contents of the bag. As with all of its products, Lynx Defense offers a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on The Policy.

For more information on The Policy and other Lynx Defense products, visit www.lynxdefense.com.


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