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Mantis X10 Shooting Performance System

The Mantis X10 is designed to increase your shooting precision. The system is a small Bluetooth device intended to fit on the picatinny rail of your pistol or rifle. It also comes with an attachment for a barrel without a rail system. The X10 takes up less than one inch of the rail, is lightweight, and does not interfere with shooting. There are several drills intended to enhance shooting mechanics while shooting live, dry, even on airsoft platforms. The Mantis links to your mobile device or tablet and once calibrated, you are ready to go. It is the ultimate tool for increasing your ability to understand your weapon throughout your entire target acquisition/threat elimination process. You can see how your weapon system travels through space during the presentation, trigger squeeze, and follow-through.

Mantis X is the perfect quarantine item that will challenge multiple aspects of your shooting ability. You can spend hours improving speed, accuracy, and weapons manipulation with ten different marksmanship drills and actual marksmanship courses provided on the Mantis X application (available on Google Play and the App Store). Some of my favorite gun drills are the Primary Hand Only, Support Hand Only, and the Hostage Taker Drill. Those drills hammer down on your fundamentals, and the Hostage Taker drill focuses on lighting speed and deadly accuracy. I have used the Mantis X10 for dry firing for approximately four months. I have noticed improved on my speed. That has been a personal goal for me, and the fact that the device records your historical data shows where proficiency has increased. I also use this as a tool to see what other areas I need to improve diagnostically. So far, the device has been more than reliable, and I recommend it for shooters of all skill levels who want to push themselves and record personal milestones. Shooting is a great hobby and can be a lot of fun. The Mantis X10 provides the end-user with fun, innovative techniques to build confidence behind the gun.


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