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MARSOC Raiders Falsely Accused

This is an incredible story of a Marine Corps Commanding General’s attempt to prosecute his own men, ruin their reputation and send them to prison for a crime that they didn’t commit. General Yoo’s swift and immediate action to prosecute his men in from of the Command, even before trial, but worst yet having video footage showing the innocence of the men, is what make this case so egregious.  

United American Patriots organization has taken this case and doing everything they can to get these charges dismissed. Please read the story below from UAP, watch the video and contact your Congressmen and get involved!

The three MARSOC Raiders were aggressively confronted by an inebriated civilian contractor while on authorized liberty in Erbil, Iraq. One of the Raiders acted in self-defense and neutralized the threat with one punch which rendered the belligerent contractor unconscious. Since the contractor was left lying in the street by his fellow contractors, the Raiders picked him up and took him back to base. (NOTE: All of the above was captured on video)

Out of concern for the unconscious inebriated contractor possibly asphyxiating on his own vomit, the Raiders watched over him through the night. When the contractor stopped breathing, the Raiders performed advanced lifesaving measures in an attempt to resuscitate him. Unfortunately, despite being medevaced to a hospital in Landstuhl, Germany, the contractor died four days later.


Military prosecutors charged each Raider with “manslaughter” and the Commanding General is moving forward with Courts-Martial for each. Additionally, prior to these Raiders being charged, arraigned, or standing trail, the command removed the Raiders from their jobs, revoked their clearances, and, in overt and widespread official messaging to the command, used the accusations against these three Warriors as instruction on “How not to act while on liberty.”


The prosecutors have inappropriately “overcharged” each of the Raiders with “manslaughter” and the CG’s actions are a clear example of Unlawful Command Influence (UCI) in that those who will ultimately be selected by and from the command to serve on the jury for the Court-Martial of these Raiders have all been “poisoned,” i.e., the “presumption of innocence” for these three Raiders has been destroyed.


UAP intends to support having the charges against each of these Warriors dismissed with prejudice prior to each Raider’s Court-Martial by informing the President, Congress, and the public about this situation and/or, if these cases go to trial, UAP intends to support each Warrior being acquitted, i.e., a judgment that each is not guilty, via fundraising activities which will pay for highly experienced and competent civilian legal representation for each of these MARSOC Raiders.


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