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Mossberg 500 Tactical

Probably one of the most well-known shotguns is the Mossberg 500. It’s though it seems everyone has a Mossberg 500 at some point in their life. (If they are a gun owner that is)

While there are many different versions of the Mossberg 500 I’m reviewing the Mossberg 500 Tactical. The Mossberg tactical features 6,8, and 9 shot capacity an 18-1/2 barrel and a blued or Marinecote finish. On the Mossberg 500 tactical there is a collapsible synthetic stock and also features a pistol grip. As well as a heat shield that covers the length of the barrel.


  • 6, 8 and 9 shot capacity with 2-3/4″ shells
  • 18-1/2″ or 20″ barrel lengths
  • Blued, matte or Marinecote™ finishes
  • Bead front or Ghost Ring® sights
  • Rugged synthetic stock and forearm
  • Ambidextrous, thumb-operated safety
  • Proven Mil-Spec & NIJ performance
  • Pistol grip models available
  • Twin action bars
  • 20-gauge and .410-bore models also available
  • Includes a free gun lock
  • MSRP – $524.00

Further Thoughts

This gun is clearly not meant for hunting, however this is a great gun for home protection and self-defense. This gun is short, lite, and easy to use.

My Vote

If you’re looking for a home protection shotgun this or one of the other Mossberg 500 Special Purpose options would be a great choice! But I don’t consider this a must buy for everyone.

Video Review

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