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New From CZ for 2017

With the release of the P10C in November 2016 and met with great reviews, what else is new from CZ? CZ decided to add a few new items for 2017 to include:

  • Polymer CZ 75 SP-01 Phantom- Back by popular demand is the SP-01 Phantom. Essentially a polymer-framed SP-01 Tactical, the current Phantom received the benefit of years of development in new polymers, sharing the same fiber-reinforced formula used in the P-09 and P-07. With interchangeable backstraps and mag compatibility with the standard 75 platform, the SP-01 Phantom has long been a favorite in the CZ community and has the distinction of being the current sidearm of the Czech Army. MSRP $636.00
  • P10C Suppressor Ready- Like the Standard P10C but with a 4.61″ extended/threaded barrel with 1/2×28 threads. High night sights and extended magazine capacity finish out the package. MSRP $519.99
  • CZ Shadow 2- CZ decided to take their SP-01 line of pistol and improve it greatly for the USPSA shooters out there. With a higher beavertail and undercut trigger guard, the shooter’s hand is able to be as close to the bore axis as possible. With a contoured slide, the majority of the reciprocating mass is also centered on the bore, equating to less muzzle flip. Increased weight at the dust cover/rail also helps keep the muzzle down. The Shadow 2’s swappable mag release has an adjustable, extended button with three settings to allow shooters to set it in the spot most comfortable for them. Best of all, new trigger components give smooth DA and crisp, clean SA while drastically reducing trigger reset. MSRP $1299.00
  • CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Pistol w/ Flash Can- This pistol is designed for the shooters who are wanting to SBR the pistol and run a suppressor on the end. This pistol now incorporates the extended forend from the Scorpion Carbine that will hide most 9mm and hybrid suppressors, while offering M-LOK attachment points and boosting the sight radius a good deal. This pistol still uses the 7.7” barrel of the standard Scorpion Pistol, a 5” KAK Flash Can extends the barrel to just a hair past the forend. Dual threads of 18×1 and 1/2×28 make fitting a suppressor simple, and adding an arm brace or cheek rest is as easy as can be with their accessory adapter kit. MSRP 949.00
  • CZ 805 Bren Pistol/Carbine- Looks like CZ has now added the .300 Blackout to their line of calibers. You can now purchase the ever popular 805 Bren in .300 Blackout and it still comes in the colors of Black and FDE in the same caliber. MSRP $1799.00 (Pistol)/$1999.00 (Carbine)
  • CZ 455 Scout- Built with the idea of first time young shooters, CZ decided to bring to life the CZ 455 Scout. With the overall length of 32.76″ and chambered in .22LR, it makes for a great little beginner rifle. One thing I really like about the CZ 455 Scout is the fact it comes factory with a 1/2×28 threaded barrel to add your favorite suppressor. Adding a larger stock is easier than ever once kids outgrow the short length of pull. The entire 455 platform is modular, meaning swapping different barrels/chamberings or stocks is done quickly and easily with only a few tools. MSRP $339.00
  • CZ 612 Target- For competitors who want an bit nicer version of our affordable 12ga Pump 612 Trap, the Target model gets Select grade wood with a glossy oil finish while the metal gets a deep polished blue. With the same tuned trigger system, raised rib and comfortable Monte Carlo stock, it’s ready to kill some clays. A set of extended chokes and a pair of Bradley-style white beads round out the package. MSRP $539.00
  • CZ Swamp Magnum- For the Waterfowl Hunters out there, this gun is for you! This shotgun is an over-under style shotgun sporting a 30″ barrel. The Swamp Magnum is available in Black and Realtree Max5 Camo. This is the only over/under in CZ’s line that has an automatic safety, it engages every time the action is opened. MSRP $929.00/1029.00

I’m particularly glad that CZ decided to bring the Scorpion with the Carbine handguard already installed to life. There have been a lot of Scorpions out there that have been SBR’d and they have already done this conversion. So for the new buyers wanting to wait almost 9 months for their SBR stamp to come back, this will help them out and get them ahead of the game.

I’m excited to see how the .300 Blackout Bren will do in the market. The price tag is really steep for a Bren when compared to a plain AR, but for the buyers out there that are wanting something different than AR, I would recommend this model. The action is smooth and I really like the style of this weapon.

I’m curious to see how the SP-01 Phantom will be met among the die hard CZ fans out there. If it can continue to have the reliability of the tried and true original SP-01, then I think it will be fine, but only time will tell.

Release dates are varying depending on the model.

As always, ya’ll be good and be safe!

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