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NRA Endorses Trump

Well as you’ve heard the NRA has officially endorsed Donald Trump for El Presidente of the Americas. This comes as no surprise since the Democratic nominee will almost certainly be Hillary Clinton, aka it, and her clear stance to violate peoples rights at will because her last name is Clinton.

It’s weird to think that Bernie Sanders is the less anti gun candidate of the two democratic candidates for president.

While I have not been the biggest Donald Trump supporter he is the only hope gun owners have at not being treated like common criminals and not having our rights stripped away from us. Below is the best summary I’ve read this entire election cycle from Gunny G on NC Gun Owners.

I realize that a lot of people don’t like him.

I respect the opinions and understand why.
I understand your mind is made up.
I open mindedly viewed your point of view.
Now mine.
And it may change before election day Shrug

Now that it has progressed to this point.
Over Hillary I will take Trump!

I understand his past. He was born, lived, immersed in a liberal culture because of the locale.
He also needed to espouse certain things to do business there.
We have transplants from CA NY NJ and other places that have lived among these leanings also.
They are members here. They will tell you how it is there.
People wake up and see the light and do change.
I have changed my views and woke the heck up over the years.

When I was young I thought, live and let live and thought maybe I was liberal.
I don’t want the gov’t in my business.
Then the left started telling me what to say and how to think.
Big Gov’t?
Yea, I don’t think so
So, I started thinking maybe I was more conservative, Republican.
Well we see what buffoons they have been.
Eventually I figured out that I am socially more liberal-moderate on some things and definitely fiscally conservative.
I loath stupidity and oppression by one’s own gov’t.
I value privacy and liberty and freedom and always have.
I value our constitution.
I have changed much over the years, we all do.
I am an independent. I might be a libertarian if I didn’t keep hearing them say, open borders Facepalm
I’ll vote for whoever I think the best choice is and right now, at this moment, it’s the Republican Candidate.

If two guys lived down the street and one said, “I am going to shoot you in the face and then bury you” and the other guy who I thought was just as mean and nasty said, “well I’ve changed, I’m no longer like that”,
And I had to side with one of them,
I might watch the guy for a while to make sure he isn’t a snake but; I’m not siding with someone who is telling me to my face, I will bury you.

I am willing to give Trump a chance to prove himself over Hillary.
If Hillary get’s crowned Empress her majesty will bury us.
If you want to hear the personal story about her let me know and I will tell it but, I know Hillary.
She’s not nice like Bill. She’s not Bill.
She’s extremely more left radical and has the mindset that we are all her servants.
She also will push gun control to the fullest once she get’s what she perceives as her rightful crown.

I do think that Trump has selfish reasons. He doesn’t want to see his Capitalist Empire and his kids and grandkids swallowed up by a socialist system and the corruption, stupidity and folly of what we have going.
We are going in the wrong direction badly.
I didn’t like the Patriot Act but what Obama has done makes me sick.

I’m not going to say I trust him but I will give him a chance to prove otherwise, over Killary.
I already know not to trust Hillary.

At this point Trump is my man.

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