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Off The Grid Concepts Holster Review

Brian was nice enough to let us re-post his review of the Off The Grid Concepts Holster on Epic Tactical check out the post below as well as his site Boomsticks and Burritos!!

Today’s generation of gun owners have so many holster choices, it’s ridiculous. Type your gun into Google and look for a holster, and you may never leave your chair. So how to choose? Most gun shops have the norm of holster; anything custom and you have to order online. I found Off The Grid Concepts through itstactical.com. I liked the design of the holster, took the plunge, and ordered A Sidewinder Holster. OTG makes custom holsters, magazine holders for pistols and rifles and knife sheaths and also a variety of other objects like a lip stick holder and even tobacco holders. They also have “Widgtets” on the site. You have to see it to believe what they can kydex. They seem to make a kydex for anything as long as you ask for it. You dream and they can make it.


Let’s start with the design. It’s smooth and sleek and thin and light. I chose basic black, but next time, I may add some color. The curves on the kydex give the holster the ability to used OTW or IWB. I have been using this holster for OWB. I got the sweat guard which gives the holster a little more length, but not by much. You also have your choice of belt sizes. Mine is 1.5, but they even have 2 inches or more, and if you talk to Rob, I’m sure he can accommodate your needs. On the website, you have lots of options, but careful, because they add up very fast. I paid $100.00 for my holster and honestly would do it again because of the quality, attention to detail, and customer service. Also, it’s made in America. Hurrah!


My Sig P229 is a little bit of a mini tank though with a quality holster from OTG it became less noticeable. My Blackhawk Serpa doesn’t hug my body as well, and therefore the weight does not feel distributed right. This OTG holster does it better, and I wear this holster with a wilderness tactical belt at 1.5 inches so the setup hugs very close. With a t-shirt, you have to really look to see an outline, and with a jacket forget about it, you are into ninja-hiding territory now. Drawing my gun is very smooth and fast, with is great retention and nothing obscene. With practice, this holster can be used as a IDPA holster and your daily carry. There are so many companies with amazing customer service. When I first got the holster, my gun literally got stuck, and to my dismay, I had to return it. It seems the Sig P229 has different designs that have changed minimally over the years. I found this out on the Raven Concealment holster site and when I talked to Rob Tran, the owner, he was amazingly helpful. Rob fixed the gun holster within days. So really my excitement doubled after the return of my holster, andI had to write about this holster and give a review.

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Great design, smooth draw, ninja-like concealment. Amazing customer service. Unique Kydex Design. We are giving this holster 4 out of 5 Boomsticks. This is the rating system I’ll be using to review products.

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