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Ohio Ordnance Works Inc.

So looking through the SHOT Show vendor list book, I saw that Ohio Ordnance Works, Inc will be here and I have always wanted to see the H.C.A.R. and the 1918A3-SLR from Ohio Ordnance in person. When we left out of Smithfield, NC, one of my friends wanted me to make sure to stop by their booth to see these weapons up-close and in person. So here ya go!

If you have never heard of Ohio Ordnance Works, Inc (OOW) nor of the H.C.A.R. or 1918 SLR, well you are in luck! The H.C.A.R. (Heavy Counter Assault Rifle) is an updated version of the iconic BAR used in the World Wars that feels and looks like an FN SCAR. The H.C.A.R. is available in 16″ or 20″ chrome-moly 1:10″ twist and the accuracy on this rifle is up to 1200m. This .30-06 rifle feels really good and isn’t that heavy, 11.75lbs (16″) and 12.5lbs (20″) compared to the original BAR weighing in upwards to 20lbs.


This rifle includes two proprietary 30rd magazines ($99.99/mag), but will accept the original 20rd BAR magazines as well, but won’t have the last round bolt hold open if using the original magazines. The free-floating handguard is carbon fiber reinforced nylon and OOW offers the accessory rails to add your attachments like grips and flashlights. The pistol grip is also carbon fiber reinforced nylon and the buffer assembly is fully hydraulic and can us any AR Style Stock. This rifle is close to the SCAR to include: safety selector offers a 45deg throw and is ambidextrous, quick take down pins, fold-down charging handle, and ambidextrous bolt release. If you are suppressor shooter, then the 3 Position Gas System makes shooting suppressed oh so nice and the 6lb trigger feels really crisp and the reset is nice. MSRP on the H.C.A.R. Is coming in at $4399.99.

The 1918A3-SLR is the OOW version of the Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR). This version is just like the original BAR, but with OOW made receivers and using original BAR parts. It includes two 20rd Magazines, has an overall length of 47.8″, and has 1:10″ twist 24″ barrel. The 1918A3-SLR is coming in at 19.4 unloaded and the package includes a bi-pod, carrying handle, sling, cleaning kit, manual, and comes in a box crate. MSRP on the 1918A3-SLR is $4300.

Even those these rifles are a little pricey, they are freaking awesome! I would love to have one in my collection, but these are just way too rich for my blood. It would be hard to explain this purchase to the misses.

As always, ya’ll be good and be safe!


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