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With the current state of the ammo shortage and the difficulty to find primers for the reloading industry, it’s not surprising that scammers are setting up websites and saying they have product in stock.  Prime example is a website known as CCI.Primers1.com.   On first look, the website is clean and you think it is reputable, so who thought we would gamble it and order a box of small cal primers.  The communication was good and a receipt was promptly sent.

We received a text message saying the order is in process and throught wow these folks are on it.  A week later we sent a text to the number asking for a tracking number and the response was “We process order, you wait”.  Realizing the grammar was not right, the read flags went up.  We went back to the website @ www.cci.primers1.com and slowly went page by page on their website and saw several red flags that we should have caught.  Doing a check on the phone number came up with a Google Voice number that has now been disconnected.

Folks, the scammers are out there and with the state of the America, what better to exploit  2A patriotic Americas and their search for product. As the saying goes BUYER BEWARE!




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