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PD-PRO-16B Binocular Night Vision

(SHOT SHOW 2021) The PD-PRO-16B Binocular Night Vision is designed around a 16mm image intensifier tube that allows the system to be smaller and lighter without sacrificing performance. The system specifically built to highlight all the capabilities and benefits of a Photonis filmless 4G image intensifier tube.

Available only in the US from the world’s premier supplier of image intensifier tubes to international markets, Photonis. The housings can be manufactured from either rugged lightweight aerospace alloy or for even more weight savings they can be created out of ultralight magnesium.

Ambidextrous controls provide equal adjustment capability using either hand eliminating the need for “work-arounds”.
Approximately 25 hours of continuous operation on internal battery.
Standard version is submersible up to 32 feet (10 meters). Salt water restrictions
apply for magnesium variant. A submersible version (PD-PRO-16B-SUB) is submersible up to 66 feet (20 meters) and has been tested to 2-hour/20-meter US MIL-STD-810G requirement.

Main Features
Ultralight w/ 16mm Tube – High- performance system with a 32% smaller and 25% lighter form factor
HypersenseTM – See 30% more of the visible light spectrum, from below 400nm to above 1,000nm
Spec OpticsTM – Precision German manufactured optics specially coated to maximize the extraction of every photon of light possible out of the ultrawide spectral band
4G TechnologyTM – The best detection, recognition and identification (DRI) range, ultra-fast Auto-Gating, and the smallest most transparent halo, selected by Tier 1 Special Forces.

Horizontal FOV 41°
Vertical FOV 40°
Focus Range 7.9 inches to infinity
Spectral Sensitivity below 400 nm to above 1,000 nm
Tube Type Auto-Gated Photonis 4G 16mm
Battery Life ** 25 hours @ 72°F (21°C) w/ lithium battery
Operating Temp -60°F to +131°F (-51°F to +55°C)
Weight <12 oz (<490 grams) w/ internal battery Submersible * 66 feet (20 meters) Phosphor Options White and Green Color Options Black, FDE, ODG Materials Aluminum and Magnesium Purchasing a PD-PRO system also provides the user with the opportunity to practice with their new device in real world training scenarios led by former special operators. Nothing will prepare you for using a new system like actual field training in varied conditions and environments. For more information check them out at photonisdefense.com

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