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Pocket Pro II: Shot Timer Review

Shooters, now more than ever, are turning to shot timers to help increase their speed for competitions as well as safety. The faster you can draw and accurately acquire a target, the better you will fare in competitions and a defensive shooting. Thankfully Competition Electronics were nice enough to let us try out their Pocket Pro II Shot Timer.

Initial Thoughts

Upon opening the box I was greeted with bubble wrap and a Pocket Pro II that was ready to rock and roll. The Pocket Pro II comes with a 9v battery, which is rare for most electronics these days. Turning it on, it goes through a few second (less than 5-10 seconds) boot-up process. After the boot-up it’s ready to go, however most people will want to make some adjustments to the settings to get the Pocket Pro II set for how they want to shoot and what kind of information they want from their shots.

Settings & Features

The settings menu took a bit to get used to how you cycled through the options, but once you figure out which set of buttons does what, it’s easy to navigate. The Pocket Pro II has quite a bit you can change as far as settings.

They include:

  • Main Screen Configuration
  • Date/Time
  • Shot Sensitivity
  • Echo Control
  • Stop Tone (par time)
  • Start tone (instant, fixed, adjustable random)
  • Display backlight “ON” time.
  • Beeper Volume

Anyone who buys a Pocket Pro II should go in and change these settings to their needs. If you shoot somewhere that has a bad echo problem, you will want to adjust the echo control setting so your shot times are correct. The most important setting for me was the start tone being set to random with a minimum of 1 second and a maximum of 5 seconds. The timer can go to 9.9 seconds maximum delayed start time. I usually leave the beeper volume as high as it will go, because some people do not have microphone ear protection.

The timer is activated by pressing a large black button on the side of the time that will either start your random time sequence or instantly begin the timer.

Using Pocket Pro II

I used the Pocket Pro II for several hours on the range with two people. During the day we typically kept the setting on random for two reasons: one it made it easier to randomize the tone which helped with seeing my true reaction speed, and two because if the second person was busy and you did not have someone to start the time you still got a random timer start.

If you looking to pick up a Pocket Pro II, Competition Electronics has them on their website for $129.95, but are being sold on Amazon for a decent price.

So without further adieu, checkout the review video…



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